Live Show Report: RevGen 2010

(Blog and Photo Credits: Ember)

Well, after a round trip of nearly 2,000 miles, we’re finally home— and, as promised, here’s our RevGen report!

Revelation Generation festival, commonly known as RevGen, is a music festival held on a farm near Frenchtown, New Jersey. We like road trips, so we drove, and I have to say that the scenery (particularly as we neared the festival area) was fairly amazing, very interesting, and at times even downright beautiful…

…but I’m guessing that you probably aren’t reading this for a description of the land, so I’ll move on to the music now.

Out of the festival’s two days, we were only able to attend the second, but it was certainly worth it with Showbread, Superchick, Relient K, the reunited O.C. Supertones, tobyMac, and more scheduled to play.


Showbread was up first, and (having missed their show at Cornerstone earlier this year) it was interesting to see them for the first time as only a 4-piece (and with frontman Josh now having to play guitar and stay mostly behind a stationary mic!). Compared with their 7- and 6-bandmember shows in the past, it was quite a lot less energetic onstage; and, while their show was of course still good, we did much rather prefer the glorious organized chaos of their shows in previous years.

Superchick was up next; and, while all of the sets were shorter than usual here (with no encores, etc.)— even from the headliners (!)— it was still easily the best show we’ve seen them do. (In other words, expect a Live Show Nomination! )


Next came Relient K, who (as usual ) also had an excellent show (which also happened to include the best cover we’ve yet heard them perform at a live show— Toto’s “Africa”!). And yes, they’ll be another Nominee.


Following that was The O.C. Supertones, and they were actually one of the most major reasons for our journey to this festival. Having only seen them twice before their former retirement (and the second show, actually on their farewell tour, having been cut very short due to an equipment malfunction— one of the venue’s amps had begun to spew smoke!), it was a must to see their Reunite Tour show (and that the one we could get to actually happened to be the very last stop of the tour was an unintended bonus).

Finally, tobyMac had an excellent show, as always— and this time it was made even more awesome by the festival actually handing out candles to the crowd (which we have never experienced at a rock show before! ).

So, in all, it was a great day (and a productive one for deciding on certain Live Show Nominations this year!).


(Bonus Photo: On our way back, we were also treated to the following brilliant road sign courtesy of someone in the Pennsylvania road department with a great sense of humor! Enjoy!)


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