Star Wars: The Hand Of Thrawn Duology (By Timothy Zahn) Specter Of The Past & Vision Of The Future

Star Wars: Specter Of The Past   Star Wars: Vision Of The Future

The Hand Of Thrawn Duology opens ten years after the events of the Thrawn Trilogy. By now, Han and Leia have had another child, Luke runs an academy where he is training new Jedi students, and the remnants of the Empire are staring at total defeat. It is clear to the now-Admiral and Supreme Fleet Commander Gilad Pellaeon that the only way to save the tiny remnant of Imperial power that is left— and the lives of all the remaining Moffs and military personnel— is to enter into a peace treaty with the New Republic.

Eventually the Moffs concede, not happy about the decision but knowing there is nothing else to be done. However, there is a secret traitor in their midst, attempting to pull off a grand scheme to upend the structure of both sides and take the power for himself. And while Grand Admiral Thrawn may be gone, he still has a few final plans set in motion…

Like the Thrawn Trilogy and Outbound Flight, the Hand Of Thrawn Duology novels are Star Wars classics, and we recommend them.

Our collective rating for The Hand Of Thrawn Duology
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There is one instance of H***. (There are also one or two instances of H*** meant literally.)

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