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Recommended 'Required Reading'

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After several years’ research and much thought, we’ve put together’s recommended list of “Required Reading” for Christians. (Of course, we’ll continue to research, so if and when we need to add something to the list, we will.) The following books— which are placed in the recommended reading order, and most of which are even legally available for free online, either in whole or in part— will encourage and enlighten, and we hope you’ll read, learn, enjoy, and apply!





The Bible

#1 – The Bible, of course! – (Available Everywhere)

There are numerous literal archaic and literal modern translations (the original/New King James as examples of the former; and the New International Version, New Living Translation, and etc. as just two of many examples of the latter), along with several colloquial paraphrases (The Message and etc.); and just about all of them come in both regular and topical study versions. A number of them are available online in their entirety via BibleGateway— go ahead and browse through and choose the translation and version with the wording and style that most appeals (or applies) to you.

[Note: Now, obviously, the Bible is the only thing on the list that is truly required; but the following items will help you immensely, which is why we recommend that they also be ‘required’. ]





The Case For ChristThe Case For The Real Jesus

#2 & Supplement To #2 – The Case For Christ & The Case For The Real Jesus
by Lee Strobel
– (Available Everywhere; and The Case For The Real Jesus is also partially offered for free online)

Law-trained investigative journalist Lee Strobel documents his journey from atheism to Christianity through his hard-hitting, logical examination of the facts. Both books contain his interviews with well-respected, leading experts in each subject and field, and Strobel does not hesitate to ask tough and pointed questions. The Case For Christ delves into the historicity of Jesus Christ; the accuracy and reliability of the Bible texts that describe Him and what He said; the actual import of the claims that Jesus made; the Resurrection; and more. In supplement, The Case For The Real Jesus explores recent, widespread stories and claims about even more Bible accuracy-and-reliability subjects, such as the “lost” or “alternative” gospels; supposed church tampering; supposed copying from other religions; the Old Testament Messianic prophecies; postmodernism, relativism, and ‘tolerance’ vs. real truth; the implications of beliefs; and more. These two books cross-examine the history, science, and logic of the basics of the Christian faith— providing powerful, true evidence and answers for believers, seekers, and even skeptics. The Case For Christ and The Case For The Real Jesus are definite must-reads.

Our rating for The Case For Christ: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars
Our rating for The Case For The Real Jesus: 5 & 1/4 Stars. 5 & 1/4 Stars



Dismantling The Big Bang

#3 – Dismantling The Big Bang by Alex Williams & John Hartnett, P.h.D.
– (Available Everywhere; and also partially offered for free online)

Dismantling The Big Bang contains a wealth of fascinating information, written in a scientific, yet easily understandable (and enjoyable) way. The authors begin with a brief history of the development of modern astronomy, cosmology, and physics; explore science itself, and some modern scientific ideas and principles (both correct and incorrect) in wide use today; give amazingly concise (and layman-friendly!) descriptions of some aspects of basic and complex physics, including quantum mechanics, the four fundamental forces, dimensions, the laws of thermodynamics, black holes, how stars produce light and heat, and more; provide a description and a detailed critique of all aspects of Big Bang cosmology (as well as several other naturalistic cosmological models in an appendix); and then lay out the current Biblical models, including an explanation of how time works (and how we can see light from so far away). They also cover some of Earth’s own geological evidences; and, they even point out the principles of true Biblical interpretation, and the disastrous consequences of compromising God’s Word! Dismantling The Big Bang is an invaluable resource, and another absolute must-read.

Our rating for Dismantling The Big Bang: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars



The Young Earth: Revised And Expanded

#4 – The Young Earth: Revised And Expanded by Dr. John Morris
– (Available Everywhere; and also partially offered for free online)

The Young Earth: Revised And Expanded traces the true history of our planet. It begins by illustrating what is really going on with education, then contrasts the proper Biblical model with secular and secular-hybrid models. Then it demonstrates the number (and the unprovability) of key assumptions inherent in radiometric dating methods; and shows how the sum of Earth’s physical evidence (from population numbers, to the Earth’s magnetic field, to just about every feature of the geologic record from fossils to coal to the rock itself)— even when using the long-age assumptions— actually points to an age that is far too young to accommodate evolution. Finally, it closes by pointing out why this subject is so important.

Our rating for The Young Earth: Revised And Expanded: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars



Evolution Exposed (Biology): Expanded Edition

#5 – Evolution Exposed (Biology): Expanded Edition by Roger Patterson
– (Available through the Answers In Genesis Store: Direct link to book / Store home; and also offered entirely for free online)

For many years, evolution has been forcibly pushed through school curricula, science journals, museums, zoos, books, novels, magazines, movies, television, cartoons, radio, the internet, toys, and even on food products (!) as an unquestionable, proven fact. But its huge (and indeed mortally devastating) flaws, fallacies, and outright scientific refutations have either been totally ignored or glossed over. Now, in the reference-book-style Evolution Exposed (Biology): Expanded Edition, Roger Patterson finally reveals the truth. Each section of the book begins with a description (and then discussion) of the major evolution topic(s) that are taught; then lays out a chart cross-referencing the pages in the 4 most-used biology textbooks to refutations, truth-illuminating articles, and more in-depth books; followed by synopses or summaries of many of the articles and refutations (which you’re encouraged to read in full at the given web addresses).

Our rating for Evolution Exposed (Biology): Expanded Edition: 5 Stars. 5 Stars



Slaughter Of The Dissidents, Volume 1

#6 – Slaughter Of The Dissidents, Volume 1 by Dr. Jerry Bergman
– (Available through the Answers In Genesis Store: Direct link to book / Store home)

Schools, universities, science establishments, and the media want you to believe that they are great centers of civil rights, ‘tolerance’, objectivity, and freedom; but nothing could be further from the truth. Through an astonishing number of documented cases and personal testimonies (which, in themselves, are only a tiny fraction of the real number), Slaughter Of The Dissidents, Volume 1 reveals the wholesale discrimination (and outright censorship and persecution) going on today against scientists, educators, students, and the general public (and which has been made even worse by the courts, who’ve held a shameful double standard in their rulings on these cases). For those who have followed such issues, that this awful injustice occurs is unfortunately not a surprise (though, of course, it may be to those who haven’t followed it ). What is downright chilling, however, is just how rampant and powerful a force it has become. After reading this vital work, you’ll agree that all of us must take a stand for our freedoms now, before it’s too late.

Our rating for Slaughter Of The Dissidents, Volume 1: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars



The Ultimate Proof Of Creation

#7 – The Ultimate Proof Of Creation by Dr. Jason Lisle
– (Available Everywhere; and also partially offered for free online)

The title of this book may raise a few eyebrows. Can there really be an irrefutable argument for Biblical Creation (and Christianity/the Bible as a whole)? The answer is a definite “Yes!” The Ultimate Proof Of Creation‘s thought-provoking lessons on logic and rationality should be absorbed and applied by every Christian (and, indeed, the book also explains why we should!). Another invaluable resource.

Our rating for The Ultimate Proof Of Creation: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars



Answers In Genesis

#8 – The information in Answers In Genesis‘ multi-format Get Answers FAQ’s; peer-reviewed technical Research Journal; and other resources features numerous resources (in all levels, from technical to layman) by accredited scientists and experts on topics from social issues to pop culture to theology to the latest research in all branches of science, and everything in between. The two sections we specifically listed above (“Get Answers” and the “Answers Research Journal”), combined with Answers In Genesis’ multimedia archive and daily news and feature articles, are always current and are yet another absolutely invaluable resource.

Our collective rating for Answers In Genesis’ resources: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars





Already Gone

#9 – Already Gone by Ken Ham, Britt Beemer, & Todd Hillard
– (Available Everywhere, also in Audiobook Format;
and also partially offered for free online)

An alarming 61 percent of people in their 20’s who used to go to church have left, or are set to leave, it. Already Gone lays out the in-depth facts of who exactly are leaving, when they are leaving (we’ll give you a hint— most aren’t leaving during college!), and vitally, why they are leaving. (Be prepared; some of the finds are downright shocking.) Then it clearly describes and explains what the true problems are, and gives the real solutions. Some of the truths in this book may be tough to swallow, and the authors openly warn you so; but the facts must be faced, and the solutions implemented, immediately.

Our rating for Already Gone: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars



Just Walk Across The Room

#10 – Just Walk Across The Room by Bill Hybels
– (Available Everywhere; and also partially offered for free online)

Using stories from his and others’ own experiences, Bill Hybels explains in his direct yet very personable way what Christian ‘witnessing’ is, and is not , all about. There are so many observations and lessons on everything from how to tell your story, to prayer, to being the light in every area of your life yet following God’s plans and pacing— and it’s such a mind-, heart-, and soul-opener— that it truly is an absolute must-read.

Our rating for Just Walk Across The Room: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars





The resources in this section are optional, but still highly recommended, as they’re excellent supplements. [Note: We placed the list’s Honorable Mention here as well.]



The Puzzle Of Ancient Man

Honorable Mention – The Puzzle Of Ancient Man by Dr. Donald E. Chittick – (Available through the Answers In Genesis Store: Direct link to book / Store home)

The Puzzle Of Ancient Man is one of the most fascinating books we have ever read. It opens with an overview of the Biblical account of the Creation, Fall, Flood, and Redemption, along with some great, illuminating insights by Dr. Chittick; followed by some indications of cultural contact between different peoples long before it is assumed to have taken place (detailed maps, similar music, accurate facial carvings, and etc.), as well as a brief discussion of the Ice Age. Then it gets even better… because the next portion of the book delves into the mind-boggling, yet solid, worldwide evidence for past cultures’ advanced machines and technology— equaling, and in some cases surpassing, technology used today! The Puzzle Of Ancient Man really opens your mind to see just how much naturalism, and its resulting assumption of modern technological superiority, permeates our culture (despite being completely at odds with reality!); and it also opens your mind to the (downright awesome ) truth.

Our rating for The Puzzle Of Ancient Man: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars



Frozen In Time

Frozen In Time by Michael Oard – (Available Everywhere; and also
offered entirely for free online)

Discusses the cause and the effects of the Ice Age, along with the creatures that lived at that time (particularly Woolly Mammoths). There is, in fact— as this book shows— an almost ridiculous combination of paradoxes and practical impossibilities plaguing standard ice age thought, which (if only allowed to) point the way to the real truth.



Global Warming And The Creator's Plan

Global Warming And The Creator’s Plan by Jay A. Auxt & Dr. William M. Curtis III
– (Available Everywhere; and also partially offered for free online)

This much-needed resource firmly cuts through the barrage of doomsday hysteria to expose the often-suppressed truth about “climate change” (and proposed “solutions”).

An essential supplement to this is the also-excellent article A Proposed Bible-Science Perspective on Global Warming by Rod J. Martin.



The New Answers Book 1The New Answers Book 2

The New Answers Book 1  & The New Answers Book 2 – (Available Everywhere; and both are also offered entirely for free online: Book 1, Book 2)

These two books cover a wide variety of questions, from Cain’s wife, dinosaurs, and the Christmas Star to Egyptian chronology, plate tectonics, and the laws of nature, plus much more.



Coming To Grips With Genesis

Coming To Grips With Genesis
– (Available Everywhere; and also partially offered for free online)

Written for all Christians, from pastors and scholars to students and laymen (well, minus one chapter ), it’s packed with excellent discussions focused on the authority of God’s Word.





The Case For Christ: In chapter 11 (“The Medical Evidence”), the precise, in-depth medical description and study of the Lord’s crucifixion is, literally, horrific. It is an important issue to cover, obviously; however, the chapter is graphic to such an utter extreme that we were compelled to give you fair warning.

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