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With Shivering Hearts We WaitWith Shivering Hearts We Wait (Large Edition)


Blindside's 'With Shivering Hearts We Wait' - A Notable 7th-or-Higher Release Award Winner

Hear Entire Album Online!Hear Entire Album Online!

Also Winning An ’11 Notable 7th-or-Higher Release: Switchfoot (Vice Verses).

Runner-Up: The Echoing Green (In Scarlet And Vile).
Honorable Mention: The Newsboys (God’s Not Dead).


With Shivering Hearts We Wait kicks off with “There Must Be Something In The Water”, a fantastic heavy rocker which also includes a fairly epic outro.

“My Heart Escapes” is a very memorable track with rhythmic Rock music and interesting, visual lyrics.

“Monster On The Radio” contrasts very bouncy, catchy verses with a bit heavier chorus.

“It’s All I Have” has ballad-like verses and a memorable, straight-up Rock chorus.

“Bloodstained Hollywood Ending” paints some interesting lyrical pictures and musically and vocally picks the pace back up a bit.

“Our Love Saves Us” is very rhythmic, rocking, and memorable in every possible way, making it an absolutely excellent track.

“Bring Out Your Dead” has some appropriately metaphorical lyrics and is the album’s heaviest track (both musically and vocally).

Lyrically a response to the previous track, “Withering” features some interesting musical and vocal rhythms in the verses and an excellent, unexpectedly intense bridge.

“Cold” is another quite memorable track, its lyrics describing a false relationship that needs to end and its vocals and music alternating between dynamic, intriguing verses and a darkly captivating chorus.

And “There Must Be Something In The Wind” closes the album perfectly with beautiful lyrics, rhythmic music, a dynamic and alluring vocal melody, and a fantastic outro.

Limited “Large” Edition Bonus Content:

The Limited “Large” Edition includes posters of the album’s liner notes and artwork, a newspaper-like retrospective from the band about their past few releases, and a great 2-hour DVD featuring live show and behind-the-scenes footage, photos, and hilarious and insightful band interviews on everything from how they got started as a band to in-depth discussion on their records’ writing and recording processes and much more.

Our rating for With Shivering Hearts We Wait: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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