Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

(Copyright © 2008 Blue Man Productions, Inc.)


Blue Man Group is the most utterly unique stage show we’ve ever seen. Blending fantastic music, fascinating science, unusually-created art, hilarious humor, and constant crowd interaction and participation, this show is nearly indescribable— but here is our humble attempt…

The three main characters are blue-colored men in black clothing (presumably aliens, but don’t worry; though occasionally a little strange, they’re definitely the friendly kind ). While they never talk, and look basically identical to each other, they each have unique personalities, and are extremely curious— nearly every object or scenario that they encounter is apparently something completely new to them. They also play instruments made out of both amazing-looking and amazing-sounding PVC pipes, fiberglass rods, lighted drums filled with paint, and even food— and, combined with their huge crew of fellow musicians (multiple drummers, bassists, and guitarists), they create some incredible music.

Blue Man Group

(Photo by Paula Wilson, Copyright © 2008 Blue Man Productions, Inc.)

And then there’s their humor, which is clean, yet extremely unpredictable (and absolutely hilarious!). Often mixed with the crowd participation, both elements are so integral to the show that they’re woven throughout the entire experience— even before it actually starts!

There’s really no way to convey by written words or even those official promo photos just how awesome this show is; its humor, energy, so-good-it-floors-you music, and just plain fun are literally off the charts. We recommend this show to everyone— go and enjoy!

Our rating for Blue Man Group: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars

[Note: Along with their worldwide stage shows and stage show tours, Blue Man Group has released several albums of their music, and they’ve also gone on two different Rock Tours (the first called “The Complex Rock Tour”, and the second called “The How To Be A Megastar Tour 2.0”) which were both filmed to DVD.

The Blue Man Group Rock Tours contain some elements that are similar to their stage versions, but they are even more interactive and even more music-focused. And, indeed, every Blue Man Group venue and tour actually ends up being different from any of the others, not only because of the spontaneous elements introduced by the interaction with the crowd, but also because the shows are specifically tailored for each city (in the case of their permanent stage show venues) or for each presentation format (in the case of their tours). And it’s all great (and recommended!). ]


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