John Reuben – Word Of Mouth

Word Of Mouth


BEST FIFTH RELEASE 2007 Award Winner!
John Reuben's 'Word of Mouth' - Best Fifth Release Award Winner

Runner-Up: Relient K (Five Score And Seven Years Ago).


With the release of Word Of Mouth, John Reuben has successfully branched out yet again. A new producer, and some help from Solomon “Soul Glow Activatur” Olds of Family Force 5 on several of the tracks, means that most of this album has a very different musical feel than any of his previous work… and yet, somehow, is still classic John Reuben.

The first track is “Sing It Like You Mean It”, which is musically part Western movie, part suspense.

“Trying Too Hard” is a fairly dancy track with a message to be yourself.

“Make Money Money” (featuring Aashid Himons) contains a folksy, jazzy banjo; a great, heavy, head-bobbing beat; and an equally great, very catchy guitar. Lyrically, its humorous-yet-serious cliché chorus warns you to save money and not just spend it all, and the verses contain more great insights. This is one of the album’s best tracks.

“Focus” encourages you to live in the moment and not take anything for granted. (And John himself actually sings the chorus!)

Title track “Word Of Mouth” is a little more familiar musically, has mildly sarcastic lyrics, and has a humorous outro.

“Miserable Exaggeration” (featuring Lindsay Jamieson) reminds you to be yourself, yet live for more than yourself.

“Universal” has a fairly goofy chorus both musically and lyrically, but great verses.

“Curiosity” is musically slightly odd, but features more great slow-rapped lyrics.

“Cool The Underdog” (featuring Aashid Himons) actually is the coolest-sounding track of the album, and one of the coolest John has ever created, with great Rock, great original orchestration, and great lyrics.

And the final track “Good Evening” is actually very similar to the ‘occasional dance tracks’ on his previous albums. It’s a nice feel-good song to end the CD (and the track itself ends with a little humor, too ).

This is another great album from John Reuben, one that actually grows on you with each listen; and it’s worthy of Best Fifth Release.

Our rating for Word Of Mouth: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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