Kutless – Sea Of Faces

Sea Of Faces

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Sea Of Faces shifts away from the Hard-Edged Rock/Hard Rock combination of Kutless’ previous album to a combo of Rock with a little Hard-Edged Rock. (There are, in fact, only four tracks on this record that really come close to the heaviness of their first.) Even the vocals are less powerful overall.

The disc begins with “Not What You See”, a good rock track with great lyrics.

“All Alone” is a much slower song that does become somewhat powerful (musically) during the chorus. Lyrically, it reaches out to those who feel lonely and hopeless, offering them comfort and hope.

“Better For You” is lyrically almost a sequel to the previous track.

Title track “Sea Of Faces” is slow and mostly (though not entirely) acoustic-driven.

“Let You In” (featuring Benjiman and Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter) is the first of the four heavy tracks— and it’s excellent.

Also-excellent track “Passion”, the second heavy song (in the chorus and bridge— the verses are softer), is lyrically visual and very powerful.

“Perspectives” has slow verses and a medium-paced, medium-rock chorus.

“Treason”, the third heavy track, is (like the other heavy ones) excellent, with some powerful vocals.

“All The Words” is slow and acoustic-driven.

“Troubled Heart”, the last heavy track, gives uplifting lyrics to those who are hurting and in need of healing and love.

And the final track, “It’s Like Me”, is a slow-paced, medium-rock song that lyrically encourages you to think about how you’ve been living your life.

Our rating for Sea Of Faces: 4 & 1/2 Stars. 4 & 1/2 Stars


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