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Strong TowerStrong Tower Deluxe Edition

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Strong Tower is a different album than their previous ones in that it is entirely Rock Worship. Though it is occasionally acoustic-driven and there is no Hard-Edge per se, it still does rock quite a bit, making for some cool worship versions.

There are ten covers (“We Fall Down”, “Finding Who We Are”, “Take Me In”, “Draw Me Close”, “All Who Are Thirsty”, “Better Is One Day”, “Jesus Lord Of Heaven”, “I Lift My Eyes Up”, “Word Of God Speak”, and “Arms Of Love” {the last featuring Anne-Marie Hunsaker}) and three original songs written by the band (“Ready For You”, “All Of The Words”, and “Strong Tower”).

Deluxe Edition Bonus Material:

The Deluxe Edition contains three extra tracks on the CD (“We Exalt Thee”, “My Savior And My God”, and a live audio version of “Strong Tower”), along with a live video of “Strong Tower” and guitar tabs for several of the songs.

Our rating for Strong Tower: 4 & 1/2 Stars. 4 & 1/2 Stars


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