Matthew Thiessen And The Earthquakes – “Faking My Own Suicide” (Single Demo)

Mono Vs. Stereo: My Other Band, vol. 1

(Featured on Mono Vs. Stereo Records’ My Other Band, vol. 1 compilation.)


First of all, although it’s supposedly a demo, this track actually seems to be fully completed. [Note: It was later revealed that the reason this version was a demo was that it was going to be recorded by Relient K for their next album.] And, entirely contrary to what you might expect from the title, it’s actually a pleasant love song!

The premise of the song is basically a whimsical, fictitious what-if scenario: If he ever faked his own death, his girlfriend would finally realize just how much she loves him (and that she would have married him, had he ‘lived’); and then he’d “come back to life” and surprise her, etc.

While the sentiments that they share are obviously real, Matt relates it in an unusual and quite lighthearted way. The closing verse is really the only one that is truly, completely serious; and it’s quite sweet, ending the song off with the statement that they have “a love that’s so alive”.

Our verdict? Another good song from Matt T.

Our rating for Faking My Own Suicide: 5 Stars. 5 Stars


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