It’s time for the First- AND Second- Annual Music Awards— Plus, TWO new category additions!

We have a lot of news!

First, the results are in and it’s time to give out the awards! Our Music Awards feature the best bands, albums, festivals, and live shows of the year. And to celebrate our First Annual, 2005 Edition, we didn’t just review 2005’s best… we included prior years, as well! Due to the gigantic nature of this task, we ended up simultaneously working on the Second Annual, 2006 edition; and now we have released both at the same time! To get more info on our Awards and see who won, check out our Music Awards section.

Next, we have recently added two new categories! Our Music section now includes Radio Stations and TV Stations— see our reviews of some great music stations near you, both locally and streaming on the web.

If you liked this site before, you’re going to love it now! Check out our Awards and new category additions— and keep checking back often in all of our categories for updated and brand new reviews!


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