Skillet – Awake

AwakeAwake Deluxe Edition


Well… for a band with the quality level that Skillet normally has (in other words, they’re usually quite excellent), this really is an odd release.

It has only a few heavy songs; there is very little orchestration (and what little there is tends to be in a very high range, so overall it doesn’t sound as full as it used to); and much of the lyrics are less hopeful, a lot simpler, and far less engaging.

No doubt part of the record’s disappointment is due to it having been billed as even better (and— strangely— heavier {!}) than their previous release Comatose; but even without any influence from the now-disproved hype, this is unfortunately a mediocre album.

Now, that’s not to say that Awake has no great tracks— “Hero” and “Awake And Alive” both have great lyrics and Hard Rock (the latter also incorporating some of the high orchestration), and feature new drummer Jen Ledger using her (quite good) smooth and high voice in contrast with John Cooper’s typically somewhat-rough vocals very nicely; and “Monster” is also a great— and slightly creepy, in a good way — Hard Rocker. Those three tracks are certainly worth buying separately (and we’d say the same for Deluxe Edition track “Dead Inside”, as well, if it wasn’t only exclusive to buying the whole thing); in fact, those tracks are the only reason the rating wasn’t any lower! Sadly, though, the rest of the album’s tracks really do not impress.

So, in all, Awake is an underwhelming release, of which we’d only recommend buying several separate tracks (mentioned above).

Our rating for Awake: 3 Stars. 3 Stars


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