Skillet – Comatose Comes Alive (Live CD/DVD)

Comatose Comes Alive (Live CD/DVD)


CD Content:

Along with the live show, which we’ll get to in a moment, the Comatose Comes Alive CD also contains the 6 bonus studio tracks from Comatose‘s Limited Edition as Enhanced (computer) content. Now, on to the show!

Recorded in Chattanooga, Tennessee during Skillet’s Comatose Tour, the CD contains the show’s audio, including all of the band’s numerous and downright excellent live additions. Several minutes of the audio was cut— consisting of complimenting the other bands on the tour, a mention that a DVD is being recorded, an introduction of Skillet’s bandmembers, an explanation of the meaning of “Comatose”, and a parting message— but those bits are all still on the DVD.

DVD Content:

The DVD contains the concert’s uncut video (well, minus the first few seconds of the intro countdown), along with several bonus extras.

As mentioned above, the live video begins just a little into the intro (after the “20 Seconds…” part of the countdown rather than before). The intro and the first song are, somewhat annoyingly , not in sync with the audio (it’s more like selected clips being shown rather than just straight live footage); however, after that the film assumes normal live playback. And (from that point on ) it is well-done.

The extras are “The Older I Get” Behind-the-scenes video from the Comatose Limited Edition; three music videos (“Rebirthing” & “Whispers In The Dark”— also from the Limited Edition— and “Savior”); and a great new picture slideshow, set to some of the live music.

In all, this is a great live CD/DVD from Skillet.

Our rating for Comatose Comes Alive (Live CD/DVD): 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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