Spoken – A Moment Of Imperfect Clarity

A Moment Of Imperfect Clarity

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Spoken’s fourth album is not yet perfection, pardon the pun — there is some experimentation with vocals on a few of A Moment…‘s tracks, they don’t yet fit one style, and they’re not yet cohesive though the whole CD, etc.— but it’s a huge improvement and maturing from their previous releases, and still a quite good album in itself.

“Across These Waters”, apparently a love song, begins the CD. Its vocals are high yet gritty.

“Promise” has a quite high chorus, which gives you a glimpse of Matt Baird’s incredible range [a range that you can hear in full on their next album].

“A Breath In The Fog” is a solid song with great vocals, lyrics, and guitars. It’s excellently done.

“Falling Further”, like the previous track, is solid and has great vocals, lyrics, and guitars.

“Sleep Well Tonight” is another love song, and it has more great drums and guitars. Vocally, it begins medium-range; the chorus is doubly sung (both medium and high); and in the second verse the vocals are sung high.

“A World Away” is again a love song. This track’s very layered bass and guitars are fairly intriguing; and then, near the end, the music picks up excellently into their full sound in one great, smooth motion.

“Learning To Forget” goes back to the disc’s regular style of music. Lyrically it’s about learning to forgive people who’ve lied.

“In Dreams (I Sometimes See You)” is another energetic song with, again, great guitars.

“Seasons Change” is slower-paced during the verses but has a totally rocking chorus. Its vocals (which get up there in height) are great, and this is another solid track.

“Remembered” has a different guitar- and vocal-melody combination. And while other tracks had occasional vocal ’emphasis’, “Remembered” is the only track on this disc to feature any true screaming (a few verses near the end).

Finally, the last track “How Long” begins softer and slower, but musically picks up during the chorus; and it has a long, layered fadeout at the end to close out the disc.

Our rating for A Moment Of Imperfect Clarity: 4 & 3/4 Stars. 4 & 3/4 Stars


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