tobyMac – Momentum Re:Mix (Remix)

Momentum Re:Mix

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As with some of our other remix reviews, we’ll grade each remixed track as either Great, Good, Fair, or Doesn’t-Make-Sense.

The remixers of “J Train (Math Remix)” added some new verse and chorus bits of their own, and the new music consists of electronic, rapid-spaced synths and beats. Once you’re used to it, it’s Good.

“Yours (Savage Remix)” begins muted, then features beat-driven, DJ-type music underneath (instead of Hard Rock). This is actually a Great remix.

“Somebody’s Watching (Painter Remix)” is similar to the original, but with much more pronounced beats and jazzy background guitar fills. This one is Good-to-Great.

“Irene (Marvin Remix)” falls somewhere between Fair and Doesn’t-Make-Sense. The new Spanish guitar tune doesn’t really fit during the verses. However, after the song is a segue, which acts as a hilarious intro to the following track.

“TruDog (Savage Remix)” is again cute.

“Love Is In The House (NW Remix)” has new verses done by tobyMac himself, and more full music. In fact, except for the chorus and an occasional bridge, it’s almost a new song! It’s definitely Great.

“Get This Party Started (Ghost Remix)” is another Great one. Its new music is beat-driven and jazzy.

“Extreme Days (Shoc Remix)” uses beats instead of Hard Rock. It’s Fair.

“Momentum (Beatmart Remix)” again uses beats instead of Hard Rock; it’s bare in comparison to the original, and is also Fair.

“Do You Know (Mcanany Remix)” features beats and synthesized orchestrals, and it even has a jazzy saxophone at the end. This one is Great.

“J Train (Linney Brothers + DJ Maj Remix)” is another Great remix, with a heavy beat, a mixed-up chorus, and new additions from the remixers.

The new music of “Yours (Linney Remix)” contains more Rock and beats than the other “Yours” remix, and it’s also Great.

“Irene (The Binary Twin Remix)” is better than the other remixed “Irene”. This one is mixed-up in a DJ style, with deep synths and beats underneath; and it actually makes you want to move along with it. It’s Great.

Last up is “Love Is In The House (Muckala Remix)”, which is a bare, beat-driven remix, and features a playful guitar during the last bridge and outro. It’s Good.

In total, this is a great remix CD.

Our rating for Momentum Re:Mix (Remix): 5 Stars. 5 Stars


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