tobyMac – Renovating Diverse City (Remix)

Renovating Diverse City

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Here we will again grade each remixed track as either Great, Good, Fair, or Doesn’t-Make-Sense.

“Getaway Car (Jazzadelic Freemix)” is (as you’d expect from the title ) even more jazzy than the original, and it’s Good.

The new music in “The Slam (d Dubb Remix)” is rock/piano (instead of heavy rock), and it’s Great.

“Diverse City (Club-a-dub Remix)” contains mostly background beats and synths, but the new tune in the chorus is a bit odd. This one is Fair-to-Doesn’t-Make-Sense.

“Burn For You (Shortwave Radio Mix)”, however, is not only Great, it’s actually slightly better than the original!

“Hey Now (d Dubb Remix)” is another even-more-jazzy remix, and includes some new lyrical adds from both the remixer and tobyMac’s son. It’s Good.

“Phenomenon (Blanco e chegro Mix)” (featuring Tricia Brock of Superchick) has more (and faster) rhythm than the original, and it’s Great.

“Gone (Long Gone Remix)” has almost funny music at first— muted piano, drums, and orchestrals. It’s okay once you’re used to it, but overall it’s a Fair-to-Doesn’t-Make-Sense track.

“inTRUding Again” is actually a brand-new track (the first of two), and as you probably guessed, it’s another cute rap by toby’s son.

“Catchafire (White Rabbit Mix)” opens with an epic-sounding trumpet intro, morphs into beat-driven verses, and then features a return of the trumpets during the chorus. There’s even some good guitarwork in the bridge afterward. This one is Good.

“Ill-M-I (Dutch Mix)” uses slow, serious, dark music, with rock at the end. It’s Great.

“Atmosphere (Ambiente Mix)” has a slightly Spanish flavor, and the remixers’ added chorus is in another language! It’s Fair-to-Good.

“West Coast Kid” (featuring Paul Wright) is the second brand-new track, and its lyrics make you smile. Its music is rhythmic and smooth, and it has perfectly layered back-and-forth vocals, as well. This is a Great new track.

Finally, the last track “Burn For You (Cat Paw Remix)” unfortunately Doesn’t-Make-Sense; in fact, it’s just plain strange. However, to make up for it there is a great Hidden Track afterward, with tobyMac listening to some more hilarious phone messages.

Our rating for Renovating Diverse City (Remix): 4 & 3/4 Stars. 4 & 3/4 Stars


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